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Gakuen Alice is the story of a 10-year old girl, Mikan Sakura, who is devastated when her best friend, Hotaru Imai, transfers to a special school for "genius" kids in Tokyo. After hearing horrible rumors of what happens in the Academy, Mikan runs away from home to seek out her dear friend, and finds that the school Hotaru transferred to, Gakuen Alice, is specifically for children who each have a special power called an "Alice". To Mikan's surprise, a teacher at Gakuen Alice, Narumi, discovers that she too has a unique Alice, leading to her admission into the school. Mikan meets a boy named Natsume, whom she initially hates from the very start of the story, but would eventually start to like. And in turn he begins to form an interest in her. Narumi thinks that Mikan holds the key to save Natsume and change the academy. Along with the many friends she comes to make, including Natsume's best friend, Ruka Nogi, and the class representative, Yū Tobita a.k.a. Iinchō, Mikan comes to love the Academy and its teachers, but its increasingly manipulative and sinister actions toward her make it a dangerous place to be.

Name: Mikan Sakura
Nicknames: Polka-dots, Ichigo-kara (strawberry print), Goddess of Victory
Age: 10 (at debut)
DOB: January 1
Horoscope Capricorn.
Height : 138cm
Weight : 33kg
Blood Type : O
Alice : Nullification and Stealing Alice
Alice Stone color : Mandarin Orange
Type of Alice : Dangerous Ability (Previously a Special Ability type)
Star ranking : Single Star 

Mikan Sakura, a 10-year old outspoken girl, is the protagonist of the story. She is a cute, energetic, good-natured girl, but her clumsiness lands her into trouble.She is a very up-an-at-it person, much to annoyance of her down-to-earth friend, Hotaru. She used to live with her grandfather in the country.

Name: Hotaru Imai
Age: 10 (at debut)
Date of birth: October 25
Horoscope Scorpio
Height: 139cm
Weight: 30kg
Blood type: AB
Alice: Invention
Alice Stone Color: Purple
Type of Alice: Technical Ability
Star Ranking: Triple Star 

Hotaru Imai is extremely intelligent and rational. During the story, though she may appear to be rather cold and indifferent on the surface, it is apparent that she genuinely cares for Mikan.She is Mikan's best friend. She and Mikan have what may seem to be a doubtful and strange relationship.

Name:Ruka Nogi
Nickname: Ruka-Pyon, Ru-Chan
Gender: Male
Age: 10
Alice: Animal Pheromone
Alice Stone Color: Milky White
Birthday: March 16
Height: 140 cm
Weight: 35 kg
Star Ranking:Triple Star

Ruka Nogi is Natsume's childhood friend and often referred by Mikan throughout the story as "Ruka-pyon". He has a gentle and pleasant personality that balances out that of Natsume's. Even though he tries to hide his feelings for Mikan Sakura, the grown-ups already know about it and even teased Ruka many times by the Watching Over Ruka Group. He is also the main target of Hotaru, who loves clicking funny pictures of him and selling them.
He belongs to the Somatic class. He is a Triple Star student like Hotaru.

Name:Natsume Hyuuga
Nicknames: Black Cat (Kuro Neko)
Gender: Male
Birthday: November 27
Horoscope: Sagittarius
Age: 10
Alice: Fire
Alice Stone Color: Red
Height: 140 cm
Weight: 34.5 kg
Star Ranking: Special Star

Natsume Hyuuga is a genius and ditches class frequently throughout the story. He is thoroughly unhappy with the school, and is suspicious of the intentions of adults. It seems that he is involved in top-secret missions for the Academy. He is paired up as Mikan's "partner" by the their mostly-absent class teacher, Narumi. However, Natsume is later forced to partner with Luna. He possesses the Alice of Fire. He has a secret crush on Mikan and often gets jealous if Narumi or Tsubasa or any other guys who try to flirt with her. 

Name:Tsubasa Ando
Nickname: Shadow
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Born: July 15
Horoscope: Cancer
Alice: Shadow Manipulation 

Tsubasa is a middle school student who is one of the first students to be kind to Mikan. He has the Alice of manipulating shadows. He met Mikan when he saves her from bullies. After he saved Mikan from the bullies, she develops an innocent crush on him. He often enjoys teasing Natsume and sometimes Ruka over Mikan. As Natsume knows that Mikan has a crush on Tsubasa, he makes it a point to be around them so nothing happens. Besides Kaname, he is the only one who can stop Mr. Bear. He is now in the Dangerous Ability Class but is keeping it from Mikan's knowledge. But then in the manga Mikan found out that Tsubasa is in the D.A class. He is currently missing after a mission in the D.A class.

Age: 27
DOB: August 10
Horoscope Leo
Height: 179 cm
Weight: Secret
Blood type: O
Alice: Human Inclination Pheromone
Alice Stone Color: Magenta
Type of Alice: Somatic
Occupation: Teacher
Nicknames: Naru 

Narumi-sensei is the homeroom teacher of Class B of the elementary division. He is rarely in the classroom and he often leaves his job to the substitute teacher. He teaches Japanese and he has a hobby of dressing up in strange outfits. Not a lot of students respect him, especially Natsume, but they listen to him because they don't want to be victims of his pheromone Alice.

Gender: Male
Age: 27
Alice: Plant Manipulation
Alice Stone Color: Blueish Green

Misaki is a teacher of biology at the academy. Seems to be stoic in his expressions, yet cares for the students. During his first meeting with Mikan, he helped her and introduced her to the Academy. He has the Alice to control plants, and is often annoyed by Narumi, who steals his 'bean whips'.
He is appealing to the girls of the Technical class, especially to Anna and Nonoko, who invited him to go with them in the last dance but he rejected them.
There is a chapter in the manga where Narumi kissed him so Narumi can talk to Mikan's mother

Name:Yōichi Hijiri
Gender: Male
Age: 3
Nickname: Yo-chan
Alice: Ghost Manipulation 

Yōichi is attached to Natsume, but seems to dislike Mikan at first. Later, he becomes attached to Mikan and even kissed her on her cheek once. He eventually starts to "cling" to her later on in the manga. He has become very fond of Mr. Bear.
He has the Alice of summoning bad spirits, a Dangerous Ability type. He is very bright for a three year old. Natsume likes him since he feels that the boy is just like him and Natsume is also helping Yōichi to be transferred out of the Dangerous Ability class.Like Mikan, he loves "Fluff Puffs," the best selling candy in Central Town.During the Hana Princess arc, he accidentally ate an aging candy that he stole from Hotaru which let him gain an ability that turns him into a 13-year-old. The side effects gave him the ability to switch between younger and older self.

Name: Misaki Haradara
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Alice: Doppelganger 

Misaki is a friend of Tsubasa and likes to pick on him a lot. She also belongs to the Special Ability class and is one of the most normal looking people there. She has a Doppelganger Alice that allows her to multiply herself into two or more. She is very up-beat.She danced the Last Dance with Tsubasa during the festival, which, according to the Alice tradition, is a 'dance of love', and any couple that dances during this will be together forever. She and Tsubasa have even been described as a 'married couple' in the anime.She is also a member of Watching Over Ruka group. And it somehow appears that Kitsuneme and Yome have innocent crushes on her. As a senpai, she takes good care of Mikan, especially in Tsubasa's absence. She is more like a big sister. She is shown to have good fighting abilities as she can easily beat up guys in a fight.

Name: Reo Mouri
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Alice: Voice Pheromone 

Reo is a graduate from the Academy, who turned into an international celebrity. He is first seen in Episode 13. He came to Alice Academy to perform in the Opening Ceremony of the Alice Festival. During the performance, he faked an injury and took the chance to kidnap Natsume in the hospital. After he failed to kidnap Natsume the first time, he manipulates Ruka (episode 23) to do his bidding. His ability control device is the earing he has in his left ear. Narumi was Reo's senpai when they were in the Academy, and out of both of them, Reo thought that Narumi would be the one that would retaliate against the Academy, but now he believes that Narumi had betrayed him.

Name: Noda
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Alice: Time-travel
Alice Stone Color: Light Green

Noda appears later in the series. He has the Alice of time-traveling. Seems to like appearing out of nowhere, but in fact, it's because he often cannot control when he is going to disappear or appear - caused by faults in his ability. He is an easygoing and carefree teacher; that is why the Special Ability type students like him so much. It has been hinted that he also knew Mikan's mother and father very well.He is the moderator of the Special Ability Class. His ability control device is a bangle he wears on his wrist.

Name: Nonoko Ogasawara
Gender: Female
Age: 10
Alice: Chemistry
Alice Stone Color: Pink 

Nonoko is one of Mikan's companions and she is one academic year younger than her. She has the Alice of Chemistry and likes to experiment with dangerous chemicals. She is a member of the "3 geeky sisters." She is an elegant girl from a rich family (Explained in her profile in the manga). She is close friends with Anna and has a crush on Misaki-sensei. There was a time in the radio drama entitled Chocoholic where her Alice got switched with Anna. In the Radio Drama, Love Potion, Nonoko made a Love Potion which can make a pair of lovers to love their partners even more. Sumire tricked Mikan to drink the potion and ended up falling for Tsubasa. Natsume and Luca also got affected by the potion, which resulted with Luca falling for Natsume and Natsume falling for Mikan.She belongs to the Technical Class. She is a Single Star student

Name: Persona
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Nickname: Masked Man, Serio
Alice: Mark of Death
Alice Stone Color: Black 

Persona is a mysterious teacher who wears a mask at all times. He is the moderator for the Dangerous Ability Class. He seems to be the source of much of Natsume's troubles. His Alice is the Mark of Death. So far, in the series, he was seen without his mask three times. The first time was when Natsume spotted him (although he had sunglasses on) in Central Town in chapter 46. The second time he disguised himself as a substitute teacher named Serio in one of Natsume's exams to see who was the cause of Natsume's change (but he was found out easily by Natsume). The third time was when Mikan knocked off Persona's mask while trying to stop him from hurting Natsume in the Hana Princess arc. He also once held Natsume's sister captive in order to make Natsume behave. Persona also calls Natsume his "Best Student." He also has a Mark of Obedience on his cheek in the shape of a red cross. In later chapters of the manga, Mikan became one of his victims with the use of his Alice. Mikan had a serious illness from the day that Persona used his Alice on her. Later on, it was revealed that Hotaru's older brother; Subaru Imai had also been a victim and is the only one to have survived Persona's Alice. Therefore, the school administration appoints him to cure Mikan's illness. It is also revealed that Persona gave Aoi, Natsume's sister, a strange stone which can make an Alice go berserk. Because of the stone, Aoi's Alice went wild and burned the whole town. After Aoi lost her memories, Persona told her that he would be her older brother. When Mikan is in the hospital, Sakurano, noticed something in Mikan's hand; it was a disgusting black colored stone. Slowly, all of Mikan's wounds disappeared and the colour of the stone also changed. Sakurano believes that it is actually Persona's Alice; Mikan had another ability to draw out a person's Alice and into the stone. It seems that his real name is Serio as revealed by Narumi-sensei in the manga chapter 86, and that he knows Mikan's father, and he even might have been the one who give him his first alice controlling device (The earrings that Mikan destroyed). He is a very sad and lonely person, and he is very fond of Nobara Ibaragi who refers to her as a "his doll". Like most of the Alice Academy antagonists, his past is yet to be discovered. He also wears many ability control devices such as bracelets, earrings, rings etc.

Name: Serina Yamada
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Alice: Clairvoyance (through crystal ball)
Alice Stone Color: Rose Purple and Blue

Serina is a mysterious English teacher at the school. She is almost always seen with her crystal ball, especially since her Alice is of 'sight', which enables her to see things happening anywhere at present time. She is seen often with Narumi, but in the series, she rarely leaves the faculty room.

Name: Sumire Shōda
Nickname: Permy,Cat-dog girl
Gender: Female
Age: 11
Born: May 31
Horoscope: Gemini
Alice: Cat and Dog Predisposition
Alice Stone Color: Green

Sumire Shōda is the self-declared president of the Natsume and Ruka fanclub. She has a dog-cat Alice which gives her enhanced smell and hearing capabilities, as well as making her sprout cat whiskers and dog ears and promoting the desire to walk on all fours. Mikan also knows her brother as ‘seaweed head'. Mikan also gave Sumire a nickname, Permy. However, only she, and occasionally Natsume, used it. Even though she has a crush towards both Natsume and Ruka, she is not romantically interested in them; rather she sees them as matinée idols. Though she sometimes bullies Yome Kokoro, her affections are meant for him, her long time partner and best friend. She initially disliked Mikan for many reasons, but later becomes on "good terms" with her, though she still considers Mikan a rival of sorts. When the rumors Luna spreads about Mikan causing the incident, Sumire defends Mikan. Sumire was also the reason why Mikan got a no star at the beginning of the series, but also helped Mikan gain her 1 star. She is a Double Star Student. She belongs to the Somatic class together with Ruka

Name: Anna Umenomiya
Gender: Female
Age: 9
Alice: Cooking
Alice Stone Color: Pink
Birthday: March 3 

Anna is a cute pink-haired classmate of Mikan. She has the Alice of Cooking, which was shown in episode 18 of the anime, and makes up various dishes for her friends. She can make some of her dishes come to life. She is member of the "3 geeky sisters." She is usually seen with Nonoko and she also has a crush on Misaki-sensei. She looks up to her senior named Miruku who the same Alice as hers. She also learned how to make Special Chocolates from Miruku in the Radio Drama. There was a time her Alice got switched with Nonoko in the Radio Drama. She also belongs in the Technical Class. She is also a Single Star like Nonoko and Mikan.

Name: Yū Tobita
Nickname: Iinchō (Class Representative)
Gender: Male
Age: 11
Born: June,14
horoscope: Gemini
Alice: Illusion
Alice Stone Color: Jade Green 

Yū is the class representative, or "Iinchō", as he is known by the majority of the class. He has the Alice of Illusion. During the Alice Festival, his illusions were a major hit in the Haunted House attraction of the Latent Ability Class. As stated by Mikan, Natsume, and Ruka, he is a force to be reckoned with. He has his hands full with taking care of Mikan and does not seem to get tired of it. According to the author, he fell in love with Mikan at first sight. Mikan's mother steals his Alice in the manga causing Mikan, Natsume, Ruka, and Tsubasa to chase after them to get it back. Although, they were mainly after a cure for Hotaru. When Mikan and the others returned, they did not have Iinchō's Alice, but he regains it when Narumi brings it to him.
He is in the Latent Ability Class. He is currently a Triple Star.

About The Star Ranking 

A star-ranking is the evaluation system that the Academy uses to judge a student's Alice level and attitude. There are four rankings which are indicated by the number of gold stars on a student's collar.

1. No-Star: Students who are below-average. This is mainly reserved for children.

2. Single: Students who are pretty much average. Most of the students in the Elementary Division have this rank.

3. Double: Students who are more of an over-achiever than Singles but aren't exceptionally brilliant at either their studies or use of their Alice.

4. Triple: Students who usually are deemed as "over-achievers" and tend to excel at either their studies or use of Alice or both.

5. Special: Students who are considered the best of the best, signified by a lapel in the shape of a star enclosed in a circle (though rarely seen in the anime). Those who excel tremendously in their Alice and, if they care, their studies--to put in short, geniuses. Also known as the "Principal students."

The information above is mostly the main points of gakuen alice.
To me, the manga is so much more better than the show itself.

So i defintely recommand reading the manga.
Lets cut to the chase and do something fun.

>>>>>>>Persona In Disguise [Only The Long Hair] <<<<<<<

>>>>>>>> Ruka & Natsume <<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>> Jinno Laughing <<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>> Together Forever! <<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>> Persona <<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>> Ruka & Yōichi <<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>> Misaki-Sensai <<<<<<<<

>>>> Jinno looking scared...& Sumire helping him out <<<<

>>>>>>>> Yōichi & Natsume <<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>> Narumi & Mikan <<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>> Sexy Narumi <<<<<<<<<lol

>>>>>>> Narumi <<<<<<<<

>>>>>>> Yōichi pointing at...... <<<<<<<

>>>>>>> Natsume & Mikan <<<<<<<<

>>>>>>> Mikan & Natsume <<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>> Natsume & Mikan<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>> Tsubasa Andou <<<<<<<<

>>>>>>> Yōichi <<<<<<<

>>>>>>> Kitty Cat <<<<<<<

>>>>>>>> Persona Closed Up Face<<<<<<<


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