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Hello! so today im going to rant about newseet naruto spin-off, it's about new generation. from the latest interview i heard sarada is the mc for this mini series! i really love this girl! she is perfect mixture between and sasuke

if you dont know what is it, well this spin-off  is a sequel mini-series of the original Naruto manga, part of the Naruto Project. The mini-series will focus on Naruto's son, Boruto Uzumaki, and the next generation of shinobi in Konohagakure. []

the first chapter titled "uchiha sarada" yeah, the first chapter is her point of view. so apparently she seems doesnt care about being a ninja, unlike his father. it can seen from this panel:

at first i thought after sasuke redemption and married to sakura he will stay at konoha, but in this chapter sarada said "as long as i remember, we've never once met." of course it surprised me! in my imagination is sarada who will cling onto papasuke and ask him to train her but that's not happen maybe i'll need to wait after papasuke going back to konoha.

tbh its really sad (((when read  the first chapter i almost cryign fuk))) so after school, sarada and chouchou (chouji and karui daughter) are going home together, in the way theres chouji approached them. nah after that sarada going to home alone and met boruto who play with boruto, then she met shikamaru and his son, shikadai, to stop boruto. sarada seems envy to them- i mean they were can play with their dad but she cant. his father not around, she only live with her mother.

scene change, when sarada at home she asked sakura, is his father wear a glasses like her. sakura answered it hesitated which make sarada not satisfied with her answer. then she said "mom, are you really his wife?" it make sakura mad and tell that she is weird today. then sarada responds "whats weird is relationship between you and dad. and not just little weird, its really weird!" sakura cant hold her anger again, she suddenly punch the earth and it make their home destroyed. before it she said "your feelings and emotions are definitely reaching out to and are connected to your father, so dont worry!"

skip time. when sarada back to her home to find their family picture, she noticed that there's more people in her father picture. its team taka picture, when she saw girl beside her father, which is karin she became more suspicious about her parents relationship. who is the women in glasses? why she wear a glasses like her too?

the first chapter make a never ending ship war became more HOT lol, they said sarada is sasuke and karin daughter. im laughing seriously. and their theories looks like a cheap soap opera. i mean do you think kishi-sensei will a cheap write story like that? dude if in the end sasuke had a child with karin and left it to sakura whats the point sasuke and sakura development since first chapter until now? why he does a forehead tap to him like what his brother always to do to him to her? why he share it to her? kishi-sensei stated that the forehead tap is expression of love to him. and he share it to sakura. the girl who never give up to stop him from darkness. even kishi stated in the exhibition guide book that "sarada is a child born between sasuke and sakura." so stop with cheap theories like that or said that sarada is orochimaru experiment.

the second chapter titled "the boy with sharingan!" this chapter started by sasuke, he suddenly attacked by a boy who have a sharingan, even theres uchiha crest on his shirt. of course sasuke won over him. after that he sent his eagle to bring a message to hokage office, naruto.

now back to sarada, when she going to have meat ((what i seen she looks like at a food shop)) she met with chouchou and her parents. chouchou said that she doesnt resembles to her parents at all and i found it funny lol. ahe suggested how about to go trip to find her parents. oh well i cant mention all of it. oh i almost forgot in this spin-off theres new chapter named mitsuki, he is really mysterious.

when sarada going to hokage office, maybe to ask about her father to naruto, she accidentally heard that he will going to meet sasuke. after that she intended to follow him, she sure if she follow him she can meet her father and wanna ask everything to him. she didnt go buy herself, theres chouchou too.

in third chapter which titled "a chance to meeting" in their way suddenly a boy who attacked sasuke before attack both of them, and in this chapter we knew that his name his uchiha shin. he call the guy in akatsuki cloak father (he showed in second chapter). the guy order him to bring sasuke's daughter to him. well the sarada-chouchou tag-team is great for me, when they almost beaten then naruto protect them.

well its still three chapter and theres many things i skipped because i cant mention all of them :p //killed// if you curious you can read it online! i read it on mangapanda and mangastream~ sorry if theres a typos and grammar error, english isnt my first language after all.


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