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Hello Hello~ `3'
Pasti penggemar Vocaloid tau 'kan game Project Diva??
Nah bagi yg tidak punya PSP jangan bersedi hati karena ada aku Project Diva PC!
But ini versi terbarunya! dan tampilan baru~ 
1. New interface
2. New combo meter
3. Built-in conversor MP4 to AVI, meningkatkan kompabilitas dan menurunkan CPU usage
4. Integrated skins
5. Active auto pause
6. Progress bar for video
7. User can choose interface using mouse:
-click Left = ENTER
-click Right = ESC
-scroll = UP/DOWN

Video Gameplay Projects Diva HD Ver. 1 .0

Download Link:

- XP "Combined-Community-Codec-Pack-BETA-2010-05-21.exe" / ffdshow_rev3757_20110209_clsid.exe
-W7 x64/x86



Nah segitu saja dariku! Bye~

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