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So my favorite anime, Kyoukai no Kanata is getting a movie. There's 2 part of the movie, That is Kako-hen and Mirai-hen. Kako-hen is a recap movie, it's already aired in Japanese cinema in March 14th. The Mirai-hen or the sequal will airing in 25th of April.

So 2 days ago the new trailer already released and I'm really excited about it! The animation is improved! I always love how KyoAni do the animation especially the color choice. It's looks so soft, I think. 
So what I got in first trailer is Mirai lost her memory. She doesn't know who is Akihito and even she doesn't know if she has a cursed power. Anyway what makes me really excited about the movie is because Hiroomi! If you know me well then it's not weird I'm fawning toward Hiroomi wwwwwwww. Anyway the mirai-hen setting is 1 years skip time so it's mean Hiroomi already graduated aaannddddd his movie design is hella perfect! He looks more mature and handsome!! adssdfgsdgd-- ok I need to chill.

Beside that, in 2nd trailer its look so intense. I'm still curious about Izumi nee-sama and in first trailer there's a scene like... Hiroomi fighting with her? I think it will be awesome fight 'cause I love fighting scene more than fuwa fuwa scene between AkiMirai wwwww //killed

Asdfsdhfjds I'm too excited about the movie!!!!! I hope I can get the DVD of I'll Be Here. AND I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HIROOMI IN ACTION AGAIN AND I MISS HIS VOICE SO MUUCCHHHH!!!!!!!!!! //CHILL

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