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So two days ago I've watched Naruto The Last with my big sis and big bro! How to say it... I think the movie is good although I don't really into NaruHina but yeah overall it's good movie! Well I'm kinda disappointed with Sasuke's screentime, his screentime only 1 minutes, I think.

There's many people who want to watch it, not weird. What I like from The Last is the art. Yeah the art is beautiful. They draw them so good. Sakura looks so beautiful <3
Oh yeah the OST is aehkusgskfsI ITS HELLA BEAUTIFUL SONG. Actually that's my 2nd song from playlist after Utakata Hanabi on this blog LOL.

I don't have many think to say 'cause I don't really good at descriptive a story. Anyway I took a video when Sasuke appear in The Last... aND HE ONLY HAVE 1 DIALOGUE YEAH 1 FUCKING DIALOGUE I WANT TO HEAR HIM SAY MORE THING THAN 1 DIALOGUE //KREYS

Ok bye~

目を閉じれば, 今も君がそこにいるようで
We all live under the same sky, but we don't all see the same light. {}


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