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Today is great day! So I just finished my school exam although there's still more try-out and... national exam sigh.

Well after school I came to FCL to hang out with Riz and Ferro! It was fun! In my way to met 'em I found Sasuke genin figure asdfhsdfhkjsd I want it so badly but too bad I don't bring much money ;_;

First we went to Game Master. If I'm not wrong we played Taito! LOL that's good game for weaboo like me 'cause there's sooo many anime songs, especially KagePro and Vocaloid series. Actually Riz want to play DansBaze but too bad the machine is being used by other people so we chose to eat first.

We ate at foodcourt. All of us bought a ricebox. We just chatted after we finished our meal. We talk about many things, especially about school yeah.

After that we went back to GameMaster. But unfortunatelly the DanzBase still used so we need to wait it. To killing some time we played MaiMai and Taito again. It was my fav games tbh. Actually I want to play Ufo Catcher because there's a Nardo plushie but I forgot to bring my playcard //cries.

Oh well after long waiting we finally can play DanzBase. Altough only play for 2 credit(s) but it was fun! I went to home around 5pm, with Ferro too. In our way he treated me a ice cream! Well there's still many things happened today but I can't tell you because I don't know how to describe it LOL //killed.

Ok thank you for already read my useless rant! huehuheuhue see you next time~ and dont mind with my fucking grammar

目を閉じれば, 今も君がそこにいるようで
We all live under the same sky, but we don't all see the same light. {}


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